About Customer Dynamics

Key to Greater Customer Satisfaction

Far more than just systems or our company name, Customer Dynamics is a methodology, a well-developed way of doing things to promote the growth of relationships that produce results both for your customers and for you. We do use industry-leading enterprise-class software like Microsoft Dynamics CRM to enable this methodology, but just as your business is all about people and the dynamic ways they relate to each other, so is the Customer Dynamics Process.

When customers know they’re dealing with a friend, someone who really cares about them and their business, they feel an immediate sense of satisfaction that forms the foundation of the relationship and their attitude toward your quality of service.

A Brand …

Some may think we named our business Customer Dynamics to align ourselves and leverage the marketing of Microsoft Dynamics. That’s not bad company to keep, but we named our business to illustrate what we do, which is to help other businesses improve the dynamics between them and their customers!

Customer Interactions

When you look at them closely, customer relationships are built less on vague feelings and more on the results of specific interactions you have with your customers. The diligence and the deliberacy of the Discovery process you conducted to learn as much as you could about their business before recommending anything. The significant time you invested in carefully developing your solution to their business challenges. The discussions following the conference you hosted them at so they could learn more about the products and services you were recommending. The minute details you were able to provide in later conversations leading up to a final proposal and decision.

Metrics and KPIs

While “satisfaction” may be considered subjective, a matter of opinion, many of the elements that impact it are very objective, very measurable, and therefore very manageable.

How quickly you get something done for a customer, for example, is easily measured. How quickly you get it done as compared to your promise of how long it would take is even more important, and just as measurable. Keeping track of the things you’ve accomplished for each customer so you can review your performance with them. Answering their inquiries, visiting with them, reporting to them, even how much their business has improved and grown since they engaged you is all very measurable.

Our software tools help you collect the data used to readily deliver the metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to keep track of. But it’s the Customer Dynamics Process that leverages the tools to assure that you perform the tasks and maintain the recordkeeping needed to keep you closely in touch with what you need to be doing, by when, and for which customer.

Best Practices + Tools + Technology

So the Customer Dynamics Process is more than simply a set of best practices or a collection of tools. It’s a discipline that makes very effective use of the technology and the tools we provide to help you optimize the quality and the character of the relationships you build with those who drive your business, your customers! By observing and evaluating the dynamics of these relationships you learn more about them every day, more that you can use to make them better and more productive relationships than ever before.

Our Sustainable Competitive Advantages!

  • 100% Focused on improving your relationships with your customers
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and ISV
  • 15+ Years Industry and CRM Consulting experience
  • Deep understanding of customer dynamics
  • Trusted Network of Technical and Business Consulting Partners
  • All Employees are Microsoft CRM Certified
  • A Microexcel Company with Global footprint

Acquired by Microexcel, a global leader in providing innovative and comprehensive software solutions and services, in 2017, Customer Dynamics has access to experts in a broad set of technologies as well as flexible engagement models that include off-shore development and support. As a member of the Microsoft Partner network with a Gold partner competency in CRM, Customer Dynamics delivers solutions and systems based on the innovative and reliable Microsoft technology stack.

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