• The ribbon item is dependent on ribbon control id

    The ribbon item 'MSCRMAssistancePSA.invoice.grid.ApproveGroup.Approve.CustomAction' is dependent on ribbon control id='AssistancePSA.invoice.grid.ApproveGroup.Controls'

  • Prevent double click of a CRM button

    Often times, we come across a situation where we need to prevent a double click on the button in order for the request NOT to be submitted twice.

  • Audit History in SSRS Reports

    In this post, we will discuss about how AuditHistory data can be used in the reports; AttributeMask, ChangeData columns of AuditHistory table, and how it should be used inside a function and a Sql query.

  • Deleting Managed Solution results in a Sql timeout error

    In this post, we will discuss about an issue we had recently encountered when deleting a managed solution from the Dynamics 365 CRM on-premise system.

  • Increasing SQL Timeout value broke CRM, with a plug-in execution failed error

    Recently we ran into this error on Dynamics 365 On-Premise.

    The plug-in execution failed because the Sandbox Client encountered an error during initialization

    The cause of the error was because we played with the registry and web.config on the CRM server. The requirement was to increase the time limit because deleting the managed solution would cause an 'SQL Timeout' error.

    This is what we tried to increase the Sql Timeout value: