Professional Service Automation with Dynamics 365

CRM for Professional Services

Time is money, and nobody knows that better than a professional services practice. Whether you’re a law practice, an accountancy, engineering firm, architect, software developer or professional consultant you need to carefully record the time and effort invested in each client matter to assure proper billing and maintain the all-important dynamics of your relationships.

Improve Information Capture

Automating client relationship management also eliminates tremendous volumes of duplicate data entry and opportunities for error while moving information from paper notes to entered data. Professionals can quickly enter their notes and specifications for each time entry on their mobile devices immediately after working with their clients.

Information can be immediately delivered to professionals on a client’s site, or retrieved by them from multiple sources.

Since precision is such a primary principle in professional life, increasing the accuracy, capturing greater levels of detail, and being able to analyze everyone’s activities from various perspectives gives your professional practice a competitive edge it could not gain otherwise.

Comprehensive View of Client Dynamics

When every interaction is captured, commented, and follow up action is immediately scheduled and tracked, you gain new insight into your relationships with your clients, and how your personnel are interacting with them. This enables you to improve client retention and increase client billing as you build trust and respect from them.

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