Manufacturing Solutions with Dynamics 365

ERP Does it all ...

Like trying to eat soup with a fork, attempting to find workarounds so you can use your ERP system for Marketing Automation, Customer Relationship Management, and Service Desk tracking can be very, very frustrating. It ought to work, right? It has a customer database full of customer and contact information, so why not?

Because it really wasn’t designed for that. So you find yourself manually creating spreadsheets or using other software to keep track of the things you can’t fit into your ERP. Result? More frustration from entry errors, islands of data, wrong information, and so on. Plus all those hours trying to keep it all in sync, manually.

The Right Stuff

Bring tremendous marketing automation, state-of-the-art customer relationship management, and industry-leading customer service to your business when you integrate your ERP with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 brings the most power-packed platform available to augment the systems that run your business.

Customer Dynamics provides the data and systems integration, user training, and everything else you need to put your existing data to work driving more revenue and satisfying more customers.

Oh, and use a spoon. You’ll want to get every last drop!!!

Grow Revenue

  • Consistent and timely lead follow-up results in more sales opportunities, higher sales.

  • Effectively manage your Sales and Marketing activities, increase pipeline visibility, and close more sales.

  • Find more high value customers - focus on the right customers to build better relationships and drive bigger sales.

Improve Efficiency

  • Build efficient operations to handle a complex mix of products, suppliers, distributors, and customers.

  • Reduce errors in quoting or order entry which result in reduced margins.

  • Eliminate costly duplicate entry and improve data quality through integrated systems.

Take Control

  • Become more competitive in a rapidly changing, competitive global business environment.

  • Increase your competitive advantage by delivering a consistent and proactive customer experience.

  • Gain the ability to make quick decisions based on accurate data, dashboards, and real-time reports.

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