Contact Center Solutions for Dynamics 365

Contact Center Solutions

At the front end of every customer relationship management (CRM) process is a funnel that needs to be filled with new leads and prospects, or with incoming calls from existing customers looking to obtain service or make new purchases. Those processes and data need to work together seemlessly to ensure efficient agents are providing the best customer experience.

Customer Dynamics Contact Center Solutions

Contact Center solutions from Customer Dynamics integrate directly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) to feed all the necessary information directly to where it needs to go. Your call agents work with one interface, one system, one solution instead of jumping around from application to application as they do in so many contact centers today.

Since they’re working with one unified database, data integrity is assured. Since they’re all working on the same network and the same system solution your call agents can work together, collaborating far more effieciently than ever before as they pass calls to each other, or to other departments for handling.

Total Integration

Let Customer Dynamics bring together your telephony system, your automatic call routing, customer information tracking, inbound marketing, customer services and more in one unified solution that gets results for your customers, and more customers and business for you!