Implementing a Successful CRM System

To get the most our of your CRM implementation, you need to configure it to fit your specific business needs. By specializing in just a few specific industries, Customer Dynamics can better understand our Customer's needs and help craft solutions that fit and deliver value.

Contact Centers

Handling calls (inbound/outbound/mixed mode) efficiently can make the difference between a well running call center and one that is limping along.  How many different systems do your agents need to navigate, just to handle 1 call? Let us show you how to consolidate those different applications and utilize Microsoft CRM as a single CRM application for your Contact Center agents.
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Your ERP system wasn’t really built to handle Marketing, Sales Automation and Customer Service tracking so you create separate systems using spreadsheets or other specialty applications. This creates data problems that result in double entry, wrong information, or missing data. Microsoft CRM can be easily integrated into your ERP system, providing you with seamless flow of data between your front office and back office.
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Professional Services

A basic need for Professional Service companies is tracking time, projects, and delivery of services. Combine these needs with sales forecasting, quoting, invoicing, marketing, trouble tickets, and work flow automation and you have an picture of how Microsoft CRM could transform your organization. Customer Dynamics has helped professional service companies just like yours streamline their operations.
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Small & Mid-sized Business

If you have 10 - 100 CRM users, you might fit into our Small to Mid-sized business specialization. Companies in this category are trying to do a basic CRM implementation focused on the CRM foundational elements of Sales, Marketing or Customer Service Automation. We have a QuickStart implementation program to get you up and running with CRM in just 45 days.
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