Dynamics 365 .NET Development Services

Data migration and System Integration

There are many ways to increase efficiency, but one of the most powerful is integration. When you can bring data and processes from multiple platforms together into one you gain tremendous economies of scale, new efficiencies in operations, new consistency in information management.


Have Customer Dynamics work with you to find new ways to integrate your new and existing systems to create even more powerful solutions. When we can integrate databases from multiple applications into one, we eliminate potential sources of data duplication or transfer errors. We increase your accuracy. We speed processing.

Data Migration

System upgrades are usually the best time to start an integration initiative, but it isn’t always possible. Whether you're upgrading from on-premise systems to cloud-based solutions or from one platform to another, one process to pay closest attention to is data migration. Unlike data integration projects where multiple databases are brought together to function as one forever, data migration projects require care and diligence to transfer data from the old system database into the new. We need to make sure all the data items match up and are properly “mapped” from the original database to the new.

Customer Dynamics has the experience and the tools to make sure your new system receives clean, accurate, ready-to-use data when migrating from old systems.

Whichever You Choose

Whether seeking new efficiency and productivity from integrated systems, or simply migrating data from older platforms to newer, trust Customer Dynamics to make your moves for you.

Contact us to discuss how to Migrate or Integrate data with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.