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Streamline the Agent experience

Is it possible to shave off 1, 2, or even 3 minutes from you Call Center Agent's experience? If so, what does that mean for your Business? I'm not talking about standing over their shoulder to get them to end a call … or having a negative incentive in place that causes them to ditch customers, I'm talking about making their job easier. I'm talking about automating their workflow and simplifying their desktop.

If your call center is like most, you have to do more with less. Your Agents are expected to help customers by threading through a complex collection of applications, screens and data. Customer information is found in multiple systems, and the answers to important questions are hard to get. Agents are juggling phones, chats, texts along with a collection of unconnected systems and are held to high standards of customer service. That sounds tough. What if it was easier?

Simplify the Desktop

For a Call Center Agent, our software simplifies their desktop and automates their Workflow. This makes it easier to find needed information and process the transaction quickly, reducing the average handle time with the customer. With integrated software you can handle more calls, with less agents, providing better customer support.

We have partnered with the best contact center solutions in the industry to provide a complete and integrated solution for any contact center. We are the premier certified implementation and integration partner for companies such as inContact and RingCentral, being trusted to provide complete integration and implementation services for their Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce customers.

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