Extend CRM with Unified Service Desk

If you already use Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you should consider extending it with Microsoft’s Unified Service Desk (USD) for increased Agent productivity. USD is a configuration based framework that allows call centers to quickly build an agent application from CRM, internal & external web resources, and legacy LOB applications. This streamlines and helps automate the agents desktop, providing a single interface to get a true 360 degrees view of customer data.

What is user interface integration?

USD borrows a lot from User Interface Integration (UII) and should ultimately make configuration of customized agent application not only easier but also faster. Basically, UII makes it possible to build and use composite agent applications for unified access to customer information stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other external systems.

USD lives inside of Dynamics CRM and consists of a set of solutions files containing entities and configuration data relevant to the UII framework. Once installed, you configure your application by defining Hosted Controls (Pages), Toolbars, Events, Navigation Rules, Actions and so on. The USD configuration section of CRM is shown below:

Unified Service Desk Configuration

Note that you do not need much coding so the lead time to designing agent applications is significantly reduced. Additionally, the technology uses a computer telephony integration (CTI) framework that enables businesses to integrate Unified Service Desk with existing IT telephony infrastructure for greater customer desk convenience.