• USD Overview

    Extend CRM with Unified Service Desk

    If you already use Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you should consider extending it with Microsoft’s Unified Service Desk (USD) for increased Agent productivity. USD is a configuration based framework that allows call centers to quickly build an agent application from CRM, internal & external web resources, and legacy LOB applications. This streamlines and helps automate the agents desktop, providing a single interface to get a true 360 degrees view of customer data.

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  • inContact & Microsoft Dynamics - better together

    One of the most demanding environments a CRM can be deployed in is in a contact center, where speed, precision, reliability, and continuity are key priorities. We’ve helped contact centers implement and optimize Microsoft Dynamics CRM for over a decade, and as a result we’ve worked with dozens of amazing technologies to make them shine in the Dynamics CRM environment.

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  • New Customer Portal Now Online!

    We have just overhauled our existing ADX Studio Customer Portal and migrated it to the new (and Awesome) Dynamics 365 Online Portals.  We started with the Community portal and then tuned it to our needs.  Customers will be able to login and interact with their Projects, Invoices and Service Cases.  We are starting off with the basics and look forward to input from customers on how we can improve.  Next up - launch the partner portal.