ExecuTrain Case Study

When ExecuTrain outgrew the customer relationship management software it began with, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the obvious step up: ExecuTrain is a Microsoft Certified Partner, so they knew they wanted the proven Microsoft quality and the ease of integration with other Microsoft business solutions. Choosing Customer Dynamics was easy, too, since Customer Dynamics is also a Microsoft Certified Partner. The companies partnered to leverage each others' expertise.

ExecuTrain implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM in-house, and Customer Dynamics streamlined and accelerated the data migration process.

That was the end of the easy part for ExecuTrain. The global financial crisis slowed growth at ExecuTrain, and the company had to delay full implementation of MS Dynamics CRM. "We're only about halfway along in where we'd originally planned due to changes caused by shift in economy," says sales manager Mark Mickelsen, "but we're looking forward to taking it to the next level for increasing productivity.

This is one of the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, particularly in the new online form: a company can begin with the basics to meet current needs, and add on functionality as needs and resources grow.

ExecuTrain started with  tracking customer sales process and account activities. This smoothed communication and made it easier to manage sales efforts and initiatives -- especially vital to success in lean times.

Next up, ExecuTrain plans on additional customization to meet the special needs of their business, use of the marketing features, and then the addition of analytics and workflow features.