Customer Dynamics and Chaffey Homes

Customer Dynamics met Chaffey Homes at a challenging time for the luxury homebuilding company. They'd been operating without a customer relationship management solution, but new circumstances made it clear that a CRM was a necessity. 

After 45 years of creating a wonderful customer experience as well as a wonderful home for every customer, Chaffey was challenged by the housing crisis, as were most companies in the housing industry. With no in-house sales staff and an economic climate that made every sale count, Chaffey turned to Customer Dynamics for the support they needed. 

"Our CRM implementation proved the poster child for the value of CRM," says Terri Rider, marketing director of Chaffey Homes. 

Chaffey needs to be able to communicate with agents and customers, providing support along the way but never leaving either population with the feeling that they were being bypassed. Customer Dynamics implemented a custom installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that created two separate databases that worked independently to meet the needs of each population, and still to keep them interdependent so the data could be available whenever it was needed. Customer Dynamics worked closely with Chaffey so they didn't have to rely on workarounds to get full use of both databases. 

"Customer Dynamics did such as good job of meeting our needs," says Rider. "The CRM system's workflow makes it possible... to create a tailored marketing program for each customer." The system also allowed Chaffey to access important market data, to increase their visibility to the end users, and even to thank the agents who were succeeding with sales. 

With MS Dynamics CRM in place, Chaffey was able to focus marketing efforts more tightly even as the sales cycle lengthened. This meant they could make their operation more cost effective with no loss of the luxury experience they're known for.