“We strive to provide great customer service – giving our customers expert trainers with real-world experience, and in advising them on unique business issues. And Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives us the best tool for managing and tracking our customer relationships.”
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Mark Mickelsen
Sales Manager


Haycock Petroleum Company
Haycock Logo
“We maintain an extensive commercial petroleum distribution network in the Western United States. We’ve always wanted a customer relationship management (CRM) system that could meet our unique needs – one that was easy-to-use, that we could easily drive our entire sales team to use. We needed a system that could provide management with a comprehensive view to where we stood with our customers.” Microsoft Dynamics CRM met that need.
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Steve Paskett 
General Manager



DeltaValve Logo

“Though we needed to launch the project as a grass roots effort, once the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system came online and management saw the kind of information it made available in the reports we built, everybody started to realize it was a very valuable tool. Curtiss-Wright corporate saw the value, as well, and the software is now being extended into other divisions. Customer Dynamics was essential in making the project so successful.” 
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Greg Lamb
Industry Analyst and Product Manager


Summit Financial
Summit Logo

“Customer Dynamics is absolutely wonderful to work with. They are very consultative, always looking for the right answer, helping us broaden our horizons with regards to how we can make Microsoft Dynamics CRM work for us.” 
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 Catherine Goodman 
National Marketing Manager


Tetra Financial Group
Tetra Logo

“The CRM system we’d been using was stand alone – where managers weren’t linked in and couldn’t see what was going on with the sales force. Microsoft Dynamics CRM brought it all together – and Customer Dynamics made it happen.” 
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Ben Larisch 
Technology Director


Digital Technology

DTI Logo
“We wanted a CRM system where everybody had access to all the data they needed, to make sure that reporting was consistent and always based on the same criteria. During the initial phase of implement­ing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Customer Dynamics demonstrated a real gift for listening to what we were saying, and extracting and simplifying what was most essential. They really know the software – and were able to quickly identify out-of-the-box functionality to address what we needed.”

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Jennifer Wormald 
Project Manager

Chaffey Homes
Chaffey Logo
"Our situation is really challenging, dealing with outside sales agents who are like sub-contractors for us. Everybody needs to work together. Customer Dynamics met the challenge in being innovative, thinking outside-the-box - and by being excited about meeting the unique requirements of our industry. They did a tremendous job customizing our CRM system to ensure it met our needs."
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Terri Rider
Marketing Director


Sire Technologies
Sire Logo
"The key thing with Customer Dynamics is their willingness to work with us beyond what the contract called for. They sat down with us to find the right answer. They demonstrated genuine interest in making the project a success.”
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Kyle Young
Director of Operations