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Microsoft is getting ready to roll out platform-native apps for Blackberry, Android, and iPhone, as well as its own Windows mobile.

While MS Dynamics isn't the first CRM to offer phone apps, it's the first one to go native with all the major mobile options. Word is they're also working on an HTML5 version that will work equally well on all phones. The next update of MSDynamics CRM will also work on iPads -- and for the first time on Macs. It's expected to support IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Since each version is platform native, it's optimized for the device it's designed for. This should give Dynamics an edge compared with other mobile CRM options. At $30 per user, this add-on is also just a little more than half the price per user of Salesforce's mobile version.

What difference will it make?
  • You will be able to sync your smartphone with MS Dynamics CRM in the cloud, so you can keep up to date on the road and anywhere else, 24/7.
  • Some studies claim that sales associates with phone access to CRM are as much as 15% more productive. 
  • No more rushing back to the office to input leads at the end of the day.
  • No more leaving a meeting to call someone for product information or to check on previous agreements.
  • Cross-platform capability means that having some workers using Macintosh will no longer keep offices from using MS Dynamics. In practice, this may mean that creative departments will be able to log their calls effectively instead of being a data black hole in their companies.
  • In fact, the 85 million Macintosh users will be able to use Dynamics CRM.

For most MS Dynamics users, though, the mobile options are the big news. Here at Customer Dynamics, we've been offering that functionality through our partner CWR. If that hasn't been the right solution for you, you can look forward to Microsoft's new mobile options during the next regular update, in the second quarter.

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