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The choice between desktop software and keeping your office in the cloud is one more businesses face every day. More applications are available in the cloud, including MS Dynamics CRM, and the benefits can be significant: lower up-front costs, easier remote access, and improved security are just a few of the reasons to use cloud-based solutions.

As those choices increase, businesses also have to choose which provider they want to use for cloud-based services.

Microsoft got together with Wired Magazine to ask Wired readers, a particularly tech-savvy bunch, what they wanted in a cloud-based office solution.

Security and privacy were big. Fully 82% of Wired readers responding said that they wouldn't be willing to trade privacy and security for lower costs. That makes sense; your business deals with sensitive data, and you want to have complete control over who's sharing the information. Microsoft is all about business, so applications like Microsoft Office 365 comply with US standards for data protection, and allow very specific control of who has access. Visit the Customer Dynamics YouTube channel to see how to control field level security in MS DYnamics CRM.

Ease of access was next up, with 68% of respondents saying they wanted to be able to work anywhere -- online and offline. Being able to work on a document on a plane or in a waiting room can make a big difference to your productivity. This item gave Microsoft Office 365 a big advantage over online-only options like Google Apps. Office 365 lets you collaborate, share, and access your documents from any computer, but you can also work on files or email when you're offline.

Familiarity was important to 64% of Wired readers. One billion PCs -- and more than 90% of U.S. businesses -- already use MS Office, and Microsoft's cloud solutions use the same, familiar interfaces. If you're comfortable with Outlook, you'll be comfortable with MS Dynamics CRM,  meaning your staff will be productive faster than if they had to learn a new format. What's more, unlike most cloud solutions,  Microsoft solutions are consistent across platforms. Instead of having one look on the desktop, another online, and a third on your smartphone (not to mention the differences from one application to another), MS cloud solutions provide a consistent experience.

All business was what the respondents wanted to see. At 63%, this characteristic wasn't really the least important -- close to two thirds of respondents preferred business solutions from companies that specialize in business solutions. Microsoft has been providing the technology America uses to do business for more than two decades, and nobody is more businesslike about it. That means that Microsoft cloud computing solutions are designed to work where you work, not just to look cool.

Once all these questions were asked and answered, there's really only one question left: why would you even consider going anywhere but Microsoft for cloud computing solutions? Contact Customer Dynamics today to get started.
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