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Picking the right tech solutions can make you feel like Goldilocks. This one is too big, this one is too small. This one doesn't have the one thing you really need, while that one turns out to have the one thing you wanted -- plus thirteen other things you don't want and can't use.

It's hard to find the solution that's just right.

Many businesses are choosing to use Software as a Service, subscriptions to cloud-based software as needed, rather than shelling out for hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of boxed software which may or may not turn out to be just right.

Most software solutions, including our main product, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, offer a free 30 day trial. The idea is that after 30 days you'll know for sure whether this product is the right one for you.

Not always. What can go wrong with a free trial?
  • The product may actually be just right, but 30 days isn't long enough for you to learn it, try everything out, and tweak it to fit your company perfectly. If 30 days turned out to be less time than you needed, you may skip on it anyway.
  • The product may be right, but the 30 days were too busy for you to give it a fair trial. In fact, since it's free, you might not have gotten around to trying it if there were a lot of other demands on your time.
  • The product may actually be all wrong for you, but the interface was cool and it looked as though it would do great stuff. After 30 days, you go ahead and sign up, trusting that you'll be able to figure it out.
  • The product was obviously not just right, but by now you've gone to all the trouble of inputting data or migrating data and learning to use it, and you can't face doing that for another 30 days.

Can we suggest an alternative?

Try a 30 day trial of MS Dynamics CRM with support from Customer Dynamics. We'll help you figure it out and make the choices that best suit your company. We'll determine which aspects of the system are highest priority for your company and get you started on those. We'll help you get the systems in place in your company that will make your CRM make sense.

After 30 days with us, we're pretty sure you won't want to leave, but you can. Call today to begin your no obligation supported 30 day free trial.

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